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Sec. 501. A. General

Part VI Changes in Capital Structure of Listed Issuers

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A. General
Sec. 601. Definitions
Sec. 602. General.
Sec. 602.1 Exemptions for Eligible Interlisted Issuers
Sec. 603. Discretion
Sec. 604. Security Holder Approval
Sec. 605. Changes in Issued Securities
B. Distributions of Securities of a Listed Class
Sec. 606. Prospectus Offerings
Sec. 607. Private Placements
Sec. 607.1. Lettered Stock
Sec. 608. Unlisted Warrants
Sec. 609. Listed Warrants
Sec. 610. Convertible Securities
Sec. 611. Acquisitions
Sec. 612. Securities Issued to Registered Charities
C. Security Based Compensation Arrangements
Requirement for Security Holder Approval
D. Rights Offerings
Sec. 614.
E. Additional Listings
Sec. 615. General
Sec. 616. Documentation
Sec. 617. Stock Dividends
Sec. 617.1. Dividend / Distribution Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs)
F. Substitutional Listings
Sec. 618. General
Sec. 619. Name or Symbol Changes
Sec. 620. Stock Split
Sec. 621. Stock Consolidation
Sec. 622. Security Reclassification (with no stock split)
G. Supplemental Listings
Sec. 623.
H. Restricted Securities
Sec. 624.
I. Redemptions of Listed Securities
Sec. 625.
J. Backdoor Listings
Sec. 626.
K. Take-over Bids and Issuer Bids
Sec. 627.
L. Normal Course Issuer Bids
Sec. 628. General.
Sec. 629. Special Rules Applicable to Normal Course Issuer Bids
Sec. 629.1 [Deleted.]
Sec 629.2. Debt Substantial Issuer Bids
Effect of Amendments to Sections 628, 629, 629.2 & 629.3
M. Sales from Control Block through the Facilities of the Exchange
Sec. 630. Responsibility of Participating Organization and Seller
Sec. 631. Sales Pursuant to an Order or Exemption
Sec. 632. General Rules for Control Block Sales on the Exchange
Sec. 633. Restrictions on Control Block Sales on the Exchange
N. Security Holder Rights Plans
Sec. 634. General
Sec. 635. Filing and Listing Procedure
Sec. 636. TSX Approach
Sec. 637. Plan Amendment
O. Odd Lot Selling and Purchase Arrangements
Sec. 638. General
Sec. 639. Procedures Applicable to Odd Lot Selling and Purchase Arrangements
P. Amendments to Security Provisions
Sec. 640.
Q. Effect of Amendments on Existing Arrangements
Sec. 641. [Deleted.]
R. Approval of Changes in Capital Structure
Sec. 642.
Sec. 643.

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