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C. Management of Listed Companies D. Sponsorship of Companies Seeking Listing on the Exchange

Sec. 325. Management

The Exchange seeks to provide the general public and its listed companies with a well-regulated, orderly, continuous auction market.

The Exchange reserves the right to exercise discretion in considering all factors related to the management of a company in order to determine the acceptability of that company for original listing and thereafter for continued listing. The Exchange's discretion will be exercised at all times in a manner, which is reasonable and consistent with regulatory and statutory requirements.

Without in any way limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Exchange, in pursuit of its goal of public protection and to promote integrity and honesty in the capital markets:

1. shall require that any document submitted to the Exchange constitutes full, true and plain disclosure; and
2. may review the conduct of an officer, director, promoter, major shareholder or any other person or company or a combination of any of the above who in the Exchange's opinion holds sufficient of the company's securities to materially affect control, in order to satisfy itself that:
a) the business of the company is and will be conducted with integrity and the best interests of its security holders and the investing public; and
b) the rules and regulations of the Exchange and all other regulatory bodies having jurisdiction are and will be complied with.

C. Management of Listed Companies D. Sponsorship of Companies Seeking Listing on the Exchange

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