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Other Requirements D. Completion of a Qualifying Acquisition

Sec. 1021.

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Prior to completion of its qualifying acquisition, in addition to this Part X, a listed SPAC will be subject to the following Parts of this Manual:

(a) Parts IV and V, other than Section 464 in respect of the requirement to hold an annual meeting provided that an annual update is disseminated via press release and available on the SPAC's website;
(b) Part VI, other than:
1. Section 624(h) in respect of the requirement to provide at least 21 days' notice in advance of a shareholders' meeting to holders of Restricted Securities;
2. Section 624(l) in respect of the requirement of certain take-over protective provisions, also referred to as coat-tail provisions; and
3. Section 624(m) in respect of the prohibition on the issuance of shares with greater voting rights than any listed shares for the issuance of the founding securities.

Until completion of a qualifying acquisition, a listed SPAC may only issue and make equity securities issuable in accordance with Sections 1019 to 1020. Security based compensation arrangements may not be adopted until completion of a qualifying acquisition;

(c) Part VII with the exception of Subsections 710(a)(ii) and 710(a)(iii);
(d) Part IX; and
(e) Applicable listing fees and forms.

Other Requirements D. Completion of a Qualifying Acquisition

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