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Reasons for the Amendments Text of the Amendments

Summary of the Amendments

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Feb 11 2016 onwards

On May 21, 2015, TSX published a public consultation seeking feedback on whether it should apply the Non-Exempt Certificate Requirements to all listed issuers and eliminate the Exempt Certificate Requirements (the "Public Consultation"). TSX received three (3) comment letters from two commenters in response to the Public Consultation. A summary of the comments submitted, together with TSX's response, is attached as Appendix A. TSX appreciates the value public input provides and thanks the commenters for their submissions.

Based on comments received from the Public Consultation, TSX understands that applying the Non-Exempt Certificate Requirements to all listed issuers will reduce the costs of producing customized security certificates for Exempt Industrial Companies. The primary difference between the Exempt Certificate Requirements and the Non-Exempt Certificate Requirements is the amount of intaglio printing that is required. While the Exempt Certificate Requirements require more square inches of intaglio content by requiring intaglio printing of the vignette, general promissory text and open throat area, the Non-Exempt Certificate Requirements require intaglio printing of the border or panel portions of the certificate and the denomination counter. TSX understands that the additional intaglio printing results in higher printing costs for issuers.

Additionally, TSX understands that the rules of the New York Stock Exchange do not require security certificates to have security features comparable to the Exempt Certificate Requirements1 and that NASDAQ does not have requirements regarding the form of security certificates. Similarly, TSX understands that other Canadian stock exchanges do not have requirements for security certificates equivalent to the Exempt Certificate Requirements.

Therefore, based on comments received, TSX is amending Appendix D by removing the Exempt Certificate Requirements.

TSX will monitor Canadian and international industry initiatives in this space, including the possible introduction of a shortened settlement cycle (T+2), and if necessary, review TSX's security certificate requirements in light of any such developments.

1 See Section 5—Certificates of the New York Stock Exchange Listed Company Manual.

Reasons for the Amendments Text of the Amendments

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