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Sec. 405. Introduction

B. Timely Disclosure

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Sec. 406.
Material Information
Rule: Immediate Disclosure
Developments to be Disclosed
Market Surveillance
Monitoring Trading
Timing of Announcements
OSC Cease Trading Order
Announcements of Material Information
Pre-Notification to Exchange
Content of Announcements
Misleading Announcements
Trading Halts
When Trading May Be Halted
Requests for Trading Halts
Length of Trading Halts
Failure to Make an Announcement Immediately
When Information May Be Kept Confidential
Maintaining Confidentiality
Insider Trading
Guidelines—Disclosure, Confidentiality Guidelines and Employee Trading
Disclosing Material Information
Maintaining the Confidentiality of Information
Restrictions on Employee Trading
Electronic Communications Disclosure Guidelines
Applicable Disclosure Standards
Electronic Communication Guidelines
Maintaining Site Integrity
TSX Monitoring of the Internet

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