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TSX Company Manual
Part I Introduction
Part II Why List on the Toronto Stock Exchange?
Part III Original Listing Requirements
Part IV Maintaining a Listing — General Requirements
Part V Special Requirements for Non-Exempt Issuers
Part VI Changes in Capital Structure of Listed Issuers
Part VII Halting of Trading, Suspension and Delisting of Securities
Part VIII Fees Payable by Listed Companies
Part IX Dealing with the News Media
Part X Special Purpose Acquisition Corporations (SPACs)
Part XI Requirements Applicable to Non-Corporate Issuers
Provisions Respecting Conflict of Interest and Competitors of TMX Group Limited
Notices of Approval
Requests for Comments
Staff Notices to Applicants, Listed Issuers, Securities Lawyers and Participating Organizations
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Sec. 425. (Repealed.) Notice to the Exchange

D. Dividends and Other Distributions to Security Holders

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Notice to the Exchange
Sec. 428.
Ex-Dividend Trading
Sec. 429.
Due Bill Trading
Sec. 429.1.
Late Notification
Sec. 430.
Notification Procedure
Sec. 431.
Dividend Omissions or Deferrals
Sec. 432.
Separate Notices to the Exchange
Sec. 433.
Dividend Notice to Shareholders
Sec. 434.
Stock Dividends
Sec. 435.
Transfer Restrictions
Sec. 435.1.
Conditional Dividend or Distribution
Sec. 435.2.

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