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Sec. 607.1. Lettered Stock Sec. 609. Listed Warrants

Sec. 608. Unlisted Warrants

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(a) A listed issuer may apply to TSX to amend the warrant exercise price or the term of warrants to purchase listed securities provided that disclosure of such amendments is made by way of press release ten (10) business days prior to the effective date of the change.

Security holder approval will be required for:
i) amendments to warrants held, directly or indirectly, by insiders; or
ii) amendments to warrants resulting in an exercise price which is less than the market price of the securities determined on the date of the amending agreement. Amendments to in-the-money warrants will also require security holder approval.
Security holder approval must exclude the votes attached to the securities held by any holders whose warrants are proposed to be amended.

A copy of the press release, and evidence of security holder approval if applicable, must be provided to TSX prior to the press release being issued.
(b) A listed issuer may apply to TSX to amend the warrant to provide for the exercise of the warrant without cash consideration by issuing the number of listed securities equal to:

(number of warrants exercised X market price at time of exercise) less (number of warrants exercised x exercise price) / market price at time of exercise

Sec. 607.1. Lettered Stock Sec. 609. Listed Warrants

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