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Part I Introduction Special Circumstances

Organization of the Manual

In this Manual, for the purposes of clarity and convenience, the Exchange requirements that apply to special cases, such as junior companies, have been clearly separated from the general listing requirements. The Manual also segregates, in one part, all procedures and requirements applying at the time of listing, while requirements for the maintenance of a listing are brought together in other parts of the Manual.

Company executives contemplating the possibility of listing the securities of their company on a stock exchange must inevitably weigh the advantages of such a course of action for the company and its security holders. The Exchange is frequently asked about the benefits to be derived from a listing on the TSX. Part of the reply to this question relates to the variety of the scope of services provided by the Exchange and its participating organizations.

Part III of the Manual deals with the requirements and procedures relating to a new listing. The remainder of the Manual is concerned with matters with which listed companies need to be familiar in order to maintain their listing on the Exchange.

Part I Introduction Special Circumstances

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