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  • A. General

    • Sec. 301.

      To secure a listing of its securities on the Toronto Stock Exchange, a company that does not already have securities listed on the Exchange must complete a Listing Application form which, together with supporting data, must demonstrate that the company is able to meet the minimum listing requirements of the Exchange. The company must also sign a Listing Agreement to formally place on record the company's commitment to comply with Exchange requirements for the continuance of its listing.

    • Sec. 302.

      Companies applying for listing on the Exchange must be able to show evidence of a successful operation, or, where the company is relatively new and its business record is limited, there must be other evidence of management experience and expertise. In all cases, the quality of management of an applicant company shall be an important factor in the consideration of a listing application.

    • Sec. 303.

      Another important listing consideration is the distribution of a company's securities. Evidence must be supplied to the Exchange indicating that there are enough public security holders to ensure an adequate market.

    • Sec. 304.

      The Exchange's Listings Committee is responsible for considering and approving original listing applications.

    • Eligibility for Listing

      • Sec. 305.

        Prior to filing a listing application, the Exchange recommends that prospective applicants obtain a preliminary opinion as to the eligibility of the listing. The Exchange will provide a confidential opinion based on informal discussions and a review of the applicant's recent financial and business information. Please contact the Toronto Stock Exchange at (416) 947-4533 or e-mail: to set up an appointment.

        For general information on the Exchange as well as specific information on services provided to listed companies, please call Business Development at (416) 947-4728, (888) 873-8392, or e-mail: